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Treat Customers Fairly

Service measures

PCA Life Assurance offers a variety of heartwarming measures to help customers get through difficult times and continue to innovate more touching measures.

Service measures for specific policyholders

Disaster-affected insured

  • Deferred payment of insurance premiums

    Deferred payment of insurance premiums to six months

  • Waive the fee of policy reissuance

    Waive NT$ 100 fee of the reissuance cost

  • Waive six months of interest on policy loan to new borrowers
    Starting from the loan appropriation date, six months of policy loan interest will be waived

  • Waive six months of interest on policy loan to existing borrowers
    From the loan acceptance date, six months of policy loan interest will be waived

  • Delayed for three months to merge interest on policy loan into the principal for existing borrowers

  • Actively confirm the casualty list to start fast claims services and care measures

In response to Covid-19

Instant Remittance Service in Taiwan Dollar

Allow customers to receive remittances more securely and instantly in just 20 seconds.

Heartwarming services

0809 Claims service hotline
Provide one-stop claims consulting services
  • Competent claims personnel directly answer and respond to claims inquiries, case processing progress inquiries, and payment content introductions

  • Meet customer claims consultation needs instantly and without hindrance

Proactive customer care

Actively care about and support policyholders or family members to overcome difficulties

Bilingual service
  • Bilingual forms on the counters, so that customers can easily understand the meaning of the text

  • Replies enquiries in English on our corporate website

SMS notification service

When applying for cases, such as contract content changes, policy borrowing, claims settlement, etc., a message is sent when the case is closed to let policyholders know the result.